Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog over to Wordpress check it out All About The Dividends

Thanks I hope you like change.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Two More Raises

Hello everyone how are you? It feels like so much has happened since my last post (Tuesday) Major League Baseball has a new champion congratulations Cubs fans you waited long enough, I am a Blue Jays fan and was cheering for Chicago. Now back to the matter at hand, the last couple of days I have received dividend increases from two companies and thought I would share it with you.

First up Inter Pipeline:

Overview of the company.

Inter Pipeline Ltd. (Inter Pipeline) owns and operates energy infrastructure assets located in western Canada and Europe. Inter Pipeline operates in four segments: oil sands transportation business, conventional oil pipelines business, natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction business and the bulk liquid storage business. Its oil sands transportation business consists of the Corridor, Cold Lake and Polaris pipeline systems, which transport petroleum products and provide related blending and handling services in Alberta. Its conventional oil pipelines business involves the transportation, storage and processing of hydrocarbons, as well as midstream marketing blending and handling services. Its NGL extraction business consists of processing natural gas to extract NGLs, including ethane and a mixture of propane, butane and pentanes plus. Its bulk liquid storage business involves the storage and handling of bulk liquid products through the operation of over 10 bulk liquid storage terminals.

(Source: Google Finance)

On November 3rd Inter Pipeline announced an increase to their dividend. The dividend will increase 3.8% to $0.135 from $0.13 the new dividend will be payable on or about December 15th, 2016.

I currently own 131 shares of Inter Pipeline so the increase announced yesterday will boost my income by $0.65 in 2016 and by $7.80 in 2017. This is the first increase I have received from Inter Pipeline and I don't expect it to be the last.

The second company is Telus:

Overview of the company:

TELUS Corporation (TELUS) is a telecommunications company. The Company provides a range of telecommunications services and products, including wireless and wireline voice and data. Its data services include Internet protocol, television (TV), hosting, managed information technology and cloud-based services, and certain healthcare solutions. The Company operates through two business segments: Wireless segment and Wireline segment. Its Wireline segment offers products and services, including voice; TELUS TV; Internet protocol (IP) networks and applications; contact center, business process and information technology (IT) outsourcing solutions in over 30 languages; hosting, managed IT and cloud-based services; healthcare, and conferencing and collaboration. The Company offers Wireless services for consumers and businesses across Canada, such as data and voice, and mobile applications, as well as devices, which include smartphones, tablets and wearable technology.

(Source: Google Finance)

On November 4th today Telus announced another increase for their dividend. This is the 12th increase since Telus started it's multi year 10 per cent annual dividend growth program which started in May 2011. This program is expected to run through 2019 which is great for investors. With this announcement the dividend increases 4.3% and goes to $0.48 from $0.46. This increase is payable on January 3, 2017.

I currently own 69 shares of Telus and this is the third increase I have received since owning the stock. I will not receive another dividend in 2016 from Telus so today's announcement will increase my 2017 by $5.52.

To all of the other investors who own these stocks congratulations of the raises.

Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 Income

Hello everyone and welcome to my October 2016 Income post. These posts are my favourite to write. Lately I have been quiet on the market waiting patiently to see if the US Federal Reserve would raise interest rates, and now I am waiting to see who will win the election in the United States. October was no different I only had one transaction which was selling a stock.

Now why don't we get to the fun stuff October was a record month for me. I received a total of $380.20

My portfolio consists of two accounts the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). In my TFSA I received $99.30 this is the highest amount I have received yet for this account as this is the first time I received a dividend from ZCL Composites Inc. For my RRSP I received $280.90.


Inter Pipeline$17.03
The Keg Royalties Income Fund$15.24
Artis Real Estate Investment Trust$13.95
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust$13.13
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund$12.31
Chorus Aviation$10.92
ZCL Composites Inc.$10.16
Corus Entertainment$6.56


JP Morgan$56.28
Algonquin Power & Utilities$43.00
Pizza Pizza Royalty $16.76
North West Company Inc$0.31
Leon's Furniture$0.10

2016 Dividends

So far in 2016 I have received a total of $2,989.51. At the beginning of the year I set a goal of wanting to break the $3,500 mark I am currently $510.49 short.


In October my portfolio did not receive any dividend increases or decreases. Although in November I should hopefully get one increase.


On October 27th I sold my position in Magna International 44 shares @ $55.17

Thank you for reading my October Income post, I hope everyone had a great month as. Please tell me what your thoughts are I would love to read your comments.



Friday, October 28, 2016

Stock Sold: Magna International

Hello everyone yesterday I did something that I rarely do, and as a dividend investor I don't want to do often I sold a stock.

Yesterday I sold my entire position of Magna International 44 shares @ $55.17 with the sale I earned a profit of 10% not to bad for owning the stock for just under a year. It took me a couple of months to make this decision I did not do it without thought. My main reason was back in September there was an article in The Globe and Mail which talked about some of the accounting practices on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Magna was named in the article. I didn't really understand their accounting and financial methods so to put my mind at ease I chose to sell the stock. Also I felt that the stock should have been trading higher and maybe the market knows something that I don't??

With this sell I now have the ability to make a big purchase or some smaller buys depending on how the market does in the next couple of months.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September 2016 Income

Hello everyone and welcome to my September income report. This is my favourite post to write as I get to tell you how I did the previous month. September was quiet for me, I did not purchase any stocks I just sat back and collected dividends. My current plan is to sit on the sidelines and see what happens with the presidential election in the United States as I believe the markets may create a buying opportunity depending on who wins.

My portfolio consists of two accounts a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). In September I received $89.14 in my TFSA and $196.27 in my RRSP.


Inter Pipeline$17.03
The Keg Royalties Income Fund$15.24
Artis Real Estate Investment Trust$13.95
Boardwalk Real Estate Invesment Trust$13.13
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund$12.31
Chorus Aviation$10.92
Corus Entertainment$6.56


Canadian Utilities$42.25
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp$16.76
Power Corp$12.06
Alimentation Couche-Tard$0.70

2016 Dividends

So far through the first nine months of 2016 I have received a total of $2,609.31. At the beginning of the year I had set a goal to receive $3,500 in dividends, I am currently $890.69 short. If everything goes according to plan I will beat my goal.

Dividend Increases/Decreases

On September 27th Fortis announced a 6.7% increase to their dividend from $0.375 to $0.40

So that wraps up my month of September. How was your month? Hope you had a great one as well!



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fortis Increases Dividend 6.7%

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing great. Today was great for me as one of my company's announced a dividend increase.

Fortis Inc (Fortis) is a Canada-based electric and gas utility company. The Company's segments include Regulated Utilities and Non-Regulated Utilities. The Regulated Utilities segment includes Regulated Electric & Gas Utilities-United States, which consists of UNS Energy Corporation (UNS Energy) and Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation (Central Hudson); Regulated Gas Utility-Canadian, which consists of FortisBC Energy Inc. (FortisBC Energy); Regulated Electric Utilities-Canadian, which consists of FortisAlberta Inc. (FortisAlberta), FortisBC Electric and Eastern Canadian, and Regulated Electric Utilities-Caribbean, which includes its ownership interest in Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. (Caribbean Utilities), Fortis Turks and Caicos, and its investment in Belize Electricity Limited (Belize Electricity). The Non-Regulated Utilities segment consists of Fortis Generation and Aitken Creek Gas Storage LLC, a provider of natural gas transmission and storage services.

(Source Google Finance)

Today the board of directors at Fortis announced that the fourth quarter dividend would be increasing to $0.40 from $0.375 an increase of 6.7%. This will take effect with the December 1, 2016 payment.

I currently own 161 shares of Fortis and this is the third increase I have received. With this announcement my income will increase in 2016 by $4.02. On a yearly basis my income increases by $16.08.

If you own shares in Fortis congrats on the raise :)

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In Depth Look at My Portfolio

Hello everybody I hope you are all doing great. I started this blog earlier this year and I realised that I have yet to do a post about how my stocks are doing and the diversification of my portfolio. Sure I talk about how much dividends I receive from each company I own. Today I thought it would be fun to show you how my stocks are doing since I purchased them and to also show what sectors of the market I am invested in.

By doing this post I believe it will help me become a better investor. I will show you a breakdown of both of my accounts that make up my portfolio. The numbers you will see are from September 11, 2016 so they are pretty up to date. Also just wanted to mention that when you see the gain/loss numbers they do not include dividends received just appreciation or depreciation.


SharesBook ValueMarket ValueGain/Loss
Chorus Aviation273$1,540.32$1,638.006.35%
Corus Entertainment69$884.87$844.564.56%
Inter Pipeline131$2,983.65$3,635.2521.84%
ZCL Composites Inc.127$1,152.95$1,268.7310.04%
Artis REIT155$1,809.38$2,004.1510.76%
Boardwalk REIT70$2,967.45$3,546.9019.53%
Boston Pizza Royalties Income107$1,786.15$2,302.6428.92%
Keg Royalties Income Fund166$2,997.95$3,399.6813.40%

My TFSA account currently consists of eight dividend stocks, seven pay monthly and one quarterly. All of the stocks were purchased throughout the course of this year. I am quite pleased so far as I have gained 15.61%. As you see I have a small bit of cash sitting in the account at the moment I intend to continue to build up my cash in case of a market correction, so no new purchases are planned for the near term.

Above Above you can see what percentage each stock has within my TFSA.

Above you can see a breakdown of which sectors I have so far invested in. In the future I would like to add to Basic Materials and possibly add Healthcare in an effort to help diversify the account.


SharesBook ValueMarket ValueGain/Loss
Algonquin Power & Utilities309$2,916.48$3,686.3726.40%
Alimentation Couche-Tard9$574.70$586.622.07%
Bank of Montreal71$5,641.20$6,076.187.71%
Canadian Utilities130$5,134.25$4,807.406.37%
JPMorgan & Chase88$5,395.82$7,643.5341.66%
Leon's Furniture1$24.08$16.0233.47%
Magna International44$2,200.96$2,287.563.93%
North West Company1$39.00$26.6331.72%
Proctor & Gamble62$5,378.00$6,968.0629.55%
Potash Corp45$1,072.85$996.307.14%
Power Corp of Canada36$974.75$971.280.36%
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp235$3,186.17$3,586.1012.55%
Royal Bank of Canada77$5,832.98$6,215.446.56%

My RRSP consists of 20 stocks 19 of which pay dividends (18 quarterly and 1 monthly). Since July 2014 my RRSP account has gained 15.22%. I have enough cash on hand to make a purchase if I want however like my TFSA account I am planning on building up my cash, and no new purchases are being planned at this time.

Above you can see what percentage each stock has within my RRSP account. Both of my American stocks are the biggest as the exchange rate has helped push them higher.

Above you can see a breakdown of which sectors I have so far invested in. Financials and utilities have a large percentage and that may lead me to think about selling a financial stock in order to reduce my exposure.

TFSA and RRSP Combined

Above you can see what my entire portfolio is invested in by sector.

Working on this post has allowed me to see that I need to diversify my portfolio better there are areas that I have yet to invest in such as healthcare. There are other areas such as industrials, basic materials where I want to increase my investments.

Thank you for reading I greatly appreciate it. If you have any comments I would love to read them.